Taking part in the event is a very interesting opportunity to discover and experience the territories of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga as protagonist and not as spectator. Getting in touch with the place, connecting with the environment, with the spaces and with the people of the area will be the distinctive features of the various tours. Immersing yourself in the territory will be a unique multi-sensorial experience.
The Gran Sasso is the Abruzzo mountain par excellence, with the majesty of its peaks, the highest in the Apennines, culminating in the Corno Grande with its 2,912 m asl, in Corno Piccolo, in Pizzo d’Intermesoli and in Monte Camicia. There is the Calderone glacier, the only one in the Apennines and the southernmost in Europe, and on the south there is Campo Imperatore plateau, an endless high altitude karst moor (between 1,600 and over 2,000 meters above sea level).
Its territory has typically mountain features and has two distinct mountain groups: the Gran Sasso massif of Italy and the Monti della Laga.
The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park includes the Gran Sasso, the Laga and the Gemelli Mountains.
The landscape of the Monti della Laga is different from that of Gran Sasso. It is greener, more woody and it is rich in water.
The Monti della Laga are, in fact, a unique mountain group in the Apennines due to its geological features. In fact the name of the mountains derives from their lithological structure named “Formation of the Laga”. Unlike most of the other Apennine mountains, including the Gran Sasso, the rocks of the Laga, made up of hard sandstones, have the characteristic of being impervious. The landscape of the Monti della Laga is rich in streams and spectacular waterfalls.
It’s very easy to be fascinated by these landscapes!